Lupus and Cancer

It was discovered that I have lupus while the doctors were searching for the tumor that they eventually located in my pancreas. Unfortunately, the symptoms of lupus and neuroendocrine cancer of the pancreas are similar and with the exception of joint pain and swelling, it’s difficult to know which one is acting up.

Fighting for my life

I am fighting so damn hard to live some kind of life. I am only 59 and I have a wonderful family including 4 beautiful grandchildren. My rheumatologist has prescribed hydroxychloroquine and methylprednisone, which I believe to be helping with the joint swelling.

Treatments for lupus and cancer

The oncologist was providing lanreotide injections every 28 days but insurance failed me. Between these 2 conditions I can barely eat nor keep food in. As a result I am severely malnourished which is only exacerbating the situation. I wish all my fellow warriors well. I know how hard this is especially when no one else does.

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