Living Life with Lupus

There isn't enough time ever. I found out on my own at requesting certain labwork for Lupus and Sclerodema in 2009.

Trouble with doctors

Here we are, 14 years later. No drugs, no treatment, I just believe "you are what you eat." A change of diet is always on the menu. Playing chess is great for the mind and a life filled with Lupus every day. Thank goodness. It could be worse, but one real issue is my primary physician doesn't believe me. He's right not to, he has never run any labs that would help us, recently ALL my cholesterol levels were abnormal, along with Triglycerides & potassium. Well he ONLY mentioned and concentrated on the latter. I've been through 6 primary care doctors and finally I understand they're geriatric specialists and have no clue on anything but natural aging. These issues are not natural. Once I had been asked by R.A., over a year ago, how do I keep the numbers on track? Well "You are what you eat."

Feeling isolated

I truly wish I had another person to talk to. A good long conversation with someone who has something in common with me. I can't be the only one who doesn't take medications but does it old fashioned way. From top to bottom I experience headaches, hearing loss, jaw pain, teeth pain, neck pain, my hair hurts !! Recently had cancer removed from the scalp. So moving on...body swelling, low fever with chills, ohhh and memory loss. I'm forgetting something.. Last night I had some major fatigue and hunger. Long story short, I woke up with my nose middle of a plate of salad it tasted great and will not be forgotten soon. LOL

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