Life with Lupus and RA

I just joined today. I actually have both Lupus and RA.

My diagnosis journey

I have had RA since 2004 and had to retire from nursing in 2017, as RA started really taking its toll on me. After being retired for a year I was hit with the diagnosis of Lupus. I didn't know how having 2 autoimmune diseases would affect my life. But I soon found out...

My flare-up nightmare

RA flares differ a little from Lupus. My first Lupus flare-up was about a year after my diagnosis. It debilitates me. I had my son drive me to my Rheumatologist's office for a walk-in appt. I could barely stand up. I had aches and joint pain that my pain meds could not handle. I had red bumps on my hands and inside my palms. (The red bumps near my cuticles eventually turned into sores and excoriated areas). My fingers were swollen. I felt like a mess. The Rheumatologist looked at me and confirmed I was in the midst of a Lupus flare.

I have learned to adapt

Fast-forwarding to the present. I have had several Lupus flare-ups in the past few years. With the pandemic here I have learned to live in a bubble and to be very careful, which I always was, with handwashing, Purell, and hygiene etc. I realize when these flare-ups startup, I have to stop and rest which I automatically do. I have no choice. All we can do is take one day at a time. Peace to everyone and stay safe.

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