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Journey to the Unknown

I was at work and thought I was having a heart attack.

My devastating diagnosis

I went to Doctor's Care and they called for an ambulance b/c of my EKG readings. I was taken to the Heart Institute. After hours upon hours of running tests, they determined that I wasn't having a heart attack. The next week at work, I was in the 10th hour of a 12-hour shift and I could barely walk. Every joint in my body was aching. I got home and I couldn't get my hands to work to open my car door, so I just blew my horn for my husband. I went to a rheumatologist b/c I thought I had arthritis. He told me I had lupus. I was devastated. He told me that it could possibly shut down my organs and kill me.

The ups and downs of lupus

That was 8 years ago. Since that diagnosis, I've had an interesting journey. I had to get my ACL replaced, all of my top teeth had to be removed, I can't tell you how many trips I've made to the ER, and I must have every type of doctor you can think of. I caught Covid last year and of course, I had to be hospitalized and put on oxygen. It's been one thing after another. I'm just thankful to still be alive and have loved ones that try to understand my daily ups & downs. It's rough, however, it could be worse.

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