Is It Lupus?

I have an autoimmune illness that no one's sure of.

Searching for answers

Is it Churg Strauss, Vasculitis or? Or Lupus? Here's what I know, lupus has been identified in blood tests but not positive or pursued by my doctors. Recently I was referred to UCSF and feel this could be better at figuring out my condition.

My symptoms I have some asthma, migraines, arthritis and it's a mixed bag of symptoms. Vasculitis was my RA doctors diagnosis and he set me up with injections of Nucala. I had a terrible reaction that I'm still dealing with seven months later. I get terrible hot, painful rashes and bumps that have opened and become wounds. They flare up and create such pain it's hard to endure. It feels like a severe sunburn with electricity surging through my legs. Very painful. Nothing helps with calming my feet - legs down. It so far has only effected my lower extremities. With a single bump on my arm. Flare ups leave horrible red rashes, scans of all sizes and hot to the touch. These are highly sensitive to touch, like a sunburn. Doctors are trying to figure me out.

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