My Motorcycle Wreck Nightmare

Most likely I was diagnosed with Lupus back in 2009 after I was nearly killed from a horrible Motorcycle wreck, that another person in a car had caused.

Managing multiple health conditions

I was paralyzed for days. Pain like you have never ever felt in your life. I already had Epilepsy since 1978. As time went by 3 years ago I was also diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The importance of support

I'm 51 now. I can't imagine my future getting any better. When I become crippled, there will be no one to help me. My husband doesn't understand a lick of it. Doctor talked to him, trying to explain what's going on with my body. Never mind. He will never understand because he doesn't want to.

Feeling broken inside

So that is my life. My Momma has Cancer, that's going to take her life in 8 months. I'm just broken inside. 💔  Thanks for reading my little short story. It's longer, but y'all know there are lots more to the story. I'm already sore and in a lot of pain writing this.

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