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I Am Not Crazy

I had had Fibromyalgia for probably 15+ years when I got my Lupus diagnosis.

Learning about my diagnosis

I was the one that asked my family doctor to run the test. As with Fibromyalgia it was nice to see there was a name for what all I was feeling. By this time I was in my late 50’s, but I am sure I had it for much longer. I am now 70 and the joint issues from the lupus arthritis and the combined fibromyalgia are part of the worst part up til now.

Fighting fatigue, fog and pain

Of course I also have the no energy, restless sleep (Lyrica helps with this), and brain fog (never sure if that is from the fibro or the lupus). But the arthritis has attacked my back and is destroying my joints in my hands as well. I can’t be on my feet for very long due to back pain. Both of my knee’s have been replaced. New shoulder pain just started a couple of months ago.

I try to keep plans that I make and do most of the time as I pick things that I know I can do OR I push on through and then pay for it afterwards. Winter is now starting so every front means more or new pain. I was gifted an electric scooter a few years ago and that helps a lot because I do not have to use up energy trying to walk.

When the caregiver needs a caregiver...

My other issue is I have a 49 year old son who has MS and he is basically totally disabled with it. He can dress himself, and give his own showers etc just has trouble walking and fixing himself meals etc. My husband is a truck driver and is gone 3 weeks out of every month so I do not get much help from him. So life is not what I had originally hoped for but with God’s help I make it through. I have a pretty good group of doctors and I am trying to get into a group of pain doctors that come to my small town that I am hoping will help some. That is another issue is I live in a small community and have to travel 75 to 100 miles to see any of my doctors. Which just wipes me out every trip.

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