Cancer Led Me to My Lupus Diagnosis

Back in February 2018, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. I needed to have a complete hysterectomy and go through treatments.

Something else was wrong...

During the course of this, I kept telling my primary care physician that something else was wrong. My legs and my arms felt like I had the worst arthritis or flu in the entire world. I couldn’t even get up most days to go to the treatment. She started doing testing on me and found out that I had lupus, which set a whole other realm of doctors my way.

The daily struggle

It’s not easy. Every day is a struggle for me to get out of bed, especially when my doctors are not agreeing. One doctor says it’s this one’s fault, while the other one says it’s that one’s fault... Talk about your depression. I’m just glad that I can make this little story happen. Thanks for listening.

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