Preparing for Puerto Rico

Preparing to take a vacation overseas can be a hectic situation. Let me share a few tips that I have learned while flying and traveling during COVID times. When you get on a plane you must have COVID vaccine documentation and a negative COVID test at least 48 hours before your flight. I understand because I would not want to be on a flight with someone who is COVID positive. This reflects my immune system bad and can cause me to flare up. Plus, who wants to be in an area where they must quarantine and might not have the funds to stay still and quarantine? At this time people are not taking wearing a mask very seriously, so we will not be taking our child with us. We still do not feel too safe with her traveling like that knowing that some people are not taking the pandemic seriously.

Lupus travel tips

There are some things I realized that I will have to do to make sure that I am okay before I head out of town:

  1. Make sure medication is completely filled before traveling. Ask the pharmacy or insurance to refill your medication a few days early if you are going out of town, or see if they will refill it where you are (if it's considered the United States).
  2. Make sure you get plenty of sunscreen if you suffer from discoid lupus or any type of skin issue, so you are protecting your skin at all times.
  3. Know and be well aware of what triggers flare-ups. Most of the time it can be a change of environment. Sometimes when I travel over the water or certain environments, I end up flaring up really bad.

Other general trips for travel

  • Do not overpack because you will pay for it when it comes time to weigh your checked-in bag.
  • I did not get an Airbnb because too many friends had bad experiences where the place was not that clean as it should have been, and they had to go back and forth with getting their money back while finding another place to stay. So, I chose a hotel off the beach.
  • I did not think about getting a rental but check where you are located to see if it is convenient for you to get one.
  • Always book events to do before the trip because they might be completely sold out once you reach your destination.
  • Always never tell anyone that you are traveling alone. It is for a sense of protection.
  • Do not be afraid to look for cheap flights but just make sure that everything is included because some may require that you pay for your luggage even though the flight is cheap.
  • What are your travel tips?

    These are some tips that I learned by focusing on what would make me feel more comfortable while I was on my trip and I refuse to get sick while I enjoy myself. You can still enjoy yourself, just be safe while you do it.

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