Traveling Anywhere These Days

Last updated: September 2021

Traveling these days has become so hard, especially due to COVID-19. I have traveled many ways and always made sure I protected myself. I flew in a plane, rode a bus, and drove. To me, driving is the best because you are secluded from everyone else. You are in your own little bubble. I would just pump gas and get back into my car and go on about my business. If I must go to the restroom, I use a rest stop, and sometimes a rest stop is not packed with people at times. So, I decided that driving is the best thing to do. Especially with having lupus and a weak immune system, this is one thing that is best for us.

Tips for air travel

Then I decided to take a plane and that was so hard for me. A trip from Louisiana to Dallas was an easy trip but, from Dallas to New York I had got sick.

I have to remember these things before I take a trip:

  1. Take your medication an hour before your flight so your immune system can be okay while flying.
  2. Take Vitamin C immune support to help boost your immune system.
  3. Take a neck pillow and a great facial mask.
  4. Take a tablet.
  5. Take your own bottle of water.
  6. Make sure you rest before your flight.

Tips for bus travel

The next thing I tried was taking was a bus and I think that was the worst thing to do. My first time was my worst time. The bus was not cleaned at all. This was before COVID-19, and I do not like being too up close to people in a closed surrounding area. I do not like how long it takes for you to get to a destination. The stops we made at other bus stations were not clean either. The Wi-Fi did not work on the bus and the bathrooms were not sanitized on the bus. So, to travel during COVID-19 – I really think that is a nope.

Remember to always take:

  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Wipes
  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Lysol wipes
  • Your own plastic utensils
  • A towel or paper towels to help clean or sanitize your area

Put yourself first

When traveling with lupus always remember to protect yourself and put yourself first. There will be times that your doctor will tell you that you cannot travel. Do not travel then! You are putting yourself at a higher risk and being selfish to yourself and others.

Listen to your body first before you make any decisions for yourself. Rest, rest, rest is always the best. Sometimes your body just needs for you to shut down. Get a good 8 hours of sleep. Whatever you are trying to do will be there when you wake back up from a nap. If you are tired, do not be afraid to stop at a rest stop to get you some shut-eye. It's okay to want to take a break so you do not run off the road. Drive safe and get there safe.

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