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Tips for Wearing Makeup With Lupus

Wearing makeup can make you feel beautiful and relaxed, but when should you wear makeup, and how? Around 2016, when I was going through my second kidney failure, it started to severely affect my skin. I did not like the way I looked at all. My skin would peel, my hair started to fall out, my skin would bleed, and I would be in a big amount of pain.

My negative makeup experience with lupus

One time, I was going to something we call a "second line" here in New Orleans. It is just people going to the city and getting drinks and food, listen to music, mingle, and enjoy each other's company. The only catch is that the weather is scorching hot. I mean the kind of weather that is almost in the 80s but feels like the 90s. Not only was I sweating but my makeup was also. I was retaining fluid. Then I had taken my meds and really needed to pee. That is the worst feeling because some places do not offer up their bathrooms unless you buy something. So, I just was holding that in and when I used the bathroom I could really see a difference.

In this horrific weather, my skin started to peel, and the looks started. I was with my older sister, so she defended me, but it still hurt. The stare broke a part of me in those moments.

People ask me what I did. Honestly, it was a real trial and error with me. My first experience wearing makeup during a flare-up was completely horrible. Why? Because when I took my makeup off it bled and was very painful. While I put the makeup on, it felt as if I was clogging up my pores. I would literally see my skin peeling under the makeup and so did everyone else.

Makeup tips

Here are my tips for wearing makeup with lupus:

1. Do not wear makeup during a flare

If needed, I used the cream my doctor prescribed under my makeup as a barrier and protection for my skin. Also, I added vitamin E to my skin from time to time. This helped with the inflammation.

2. Try VEGAN makeup

They usually sell vegan makeup at Sephora or Ultra stores. This will have less effect when it comes to your skin, but if not, I really use any brand because I protect myself every time, I wear makeup.

3. Always remove makeup

I cleanse my face with non-alcohol products. Trust me, it is a lifesaver. I have worn makeup from Fenty to MAC and they have all been just fine. Just not if you are in a bad flare-up.

Lupus confidence issues

People with lupus battle with confidence issues all the time to where it becomes annoying to others. We do not mean anything by it, but it is just a part of us that lupus had caused. When I made it home, I took off my makeup and did not wear makeup until I completely healed.

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