Difficulties And Time Management With School

Starting school and being a mom has been a lot. It is like I did not know things at all years later. Some of my classes made me feel as if I was struggling so hard. I get a lack of sleep of course with having a daughter, and finding time to study can be hard.

Going to school as a mom with lupus

At this moment in time, I find myself falling asleep with the laptop in my hands as I try a focus on doing my work. Goodness gracious, who would have known getting back into school with a baby would be so hard? Sometimes I can focus when she sleeps but I also sometimes try to sleep when she sleeps. When I lack too much lack, I begin to flare up. And that sucks because, with my lupus, it is starting to only flare up in super moist areas.

What I have noticed since starting school

When I started school I began to realize that yes, I do have lupus, and it is okay to relax and try to get some rest. With being diagnosed with lupus I have noticed that rest and non-stress are the keys. Then I started to flare up on my ankles and elbows. But I noticed every time I get to rest, the rash goes away. School is going great now that I have a support system so strong so when I need to rest I have time to. When I need to do work I have all the time to do my work also. I wanted to show people that there is more to lupus than being at home feeling sad. I wanted to do something for myself and my daughter. I wanted to feel as if I could show anyone you can still accomplish anything with any condition you have, just keep pushing.

Lessons on school and lupus

But I chose to go to school at home due to the UV rays in the sun, so I am happy I do not have that issue. But I do make sure I take my meds and I have my doctors on speed dial. When I have memory fog, I usually always go back and read or even ask my teacher about what I am confused about so it stresses me out less.

Sometimes it is hard to hold on to your dreams to become someone because lupus can push your life back so many times. But you should never give up. I learned that even when I would be admitted to the hospital I still would find time to do my homework and study for any classes that I needed to study for. I stay focused and still pass my courses because I never gave up. When I did chemo, sometimes I brought my laptop to make sure I achieved my school work.

When you have motivation anything is possible. Sometimes I gave up and withdrew from classes. But living with lupus financially can be a big downfall. Sometimes it is hard to be on disability and find it easy to be able to live anywhere, yet also take care of yourself on a low income. So I started back to school to achieve and be better for myself.

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