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Going to School Online

When going to college, it feels so great to go online rather than in-person. There are plenty of reasons why someone would go to school online rather than on campus.

I wish I would have thought about going to school online when I first found out that I had lupus. I think that would have been more convenient for me to experience that. Especially being a mother now of an infant, I can honestly say I would have rather went to school online.

Benefits of college online

I believe the stress of getting to class will be cut off because you are going to school from home. In the comfort of your own home. Also, going to school online, you can take your work with you anywhere you go. So imagine you have to go to the hospital because you are not feeling too well. Then you end up getting admitted. You can bring your work with you. Another benefit of going to school from home is that you can always still communicate with all of your teachers. Whether it's through your canvas or email. You can do your schoolwork at your own pace and feel some type of freedom and a sense of not giving up on your life.

School matters to me

School matters the most in my life. Experiencing those two experiences of trying to go to school during kidney failure taught me that they are other open avenues to getting your education and succeeding. Some colleges only require you to take one class at a time, which helps certain people who have trouble focusing when they have more than one class. This also reduces the cost of tuition. It is much cheaper to go online than in-person. Plus, when you go to school online you can juggle your job and home hobbies and dedications also. This will also give you fewer distractions. As for me, I have always been a struggling student to make it due to the restrictions of my conditions. Well, going to school online you won't have those issues.

Setting goals with lupus

I do need to implement having a set schedule to where I can make it possible to do my classwork. Trying to juggle a newborn, school, and finding a job can be stressful. Sometimes I think it's best for me to go to school online and be a stay-at-home mom so I can rest and will not flare up at all. Failing is not an option for me anymore.

I will not let lupus define me and keep me back from succeeding anymore. I have the motivation to keep pushing forward. Sometimes I give myself a pep talk as if I can do this if I wanted to – which is true. When I went to school in Dallas, TX, I ended up passing that semester because my teachers understood my condition and allowed me to turn in my work online and do certain tests online. One teacher was amazed at how I changed my grade from a low D to a high B. You just have to have those teachers who will understand you. Sometimes I used to find myself doing work ahead of time and turned it in so when the due date comes, it's already done. College is stressful but well worth it when you succeed, and I believe I can reach the top.

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