Pregnancy Scare

Am I the only one who gets pregnancy scares with lupus? Now that I have a child, I do not know whether I missed my period because I am pregnant or getting sick.

Lupus and missed periods

In the past, I would miss my periods for about 3 months, or sometimes it would skip a month and then become normal. But do not let me get better and be in the hospital. It comes on, and I am in a hospital that rarely checks on me, then I will be in big trouble. Of course, when I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter, the first thing that came to mind is that I was becoming a mother. Now that I am a parent, it is so scary even to know what is what.

Lupus and my body

Pregnancy tests came back negative. But if I am not pregnant, then what is it? Is something wrong with me? I wanted to believe nothing is, and the thing that sucks is that I can not even see a doctor for months because I have had trouble getting in to see doctors. I will try and make an OBGYN appointment, and hopefully, I will find out if everything is okay down there. Us women need to take control of our bodies and make sure everything is okay. Some people say you can get a false negative on a pregnancy test which scares me even more. I am just scared of what effects it might have on my body.

Living with a disability

When I got pregnant with my daughter, there was no issue of taking medicine because I was off most of my medicine, and I was in one of the best health periods of my life. If I get pregnant around this go-round, I take Benlysta, so some things must go under advisement. It is so hurtful to have doctors that offer an abortion before even bringing it up. I feel that is very offensive. Do not mention abortion unless that person mentions it to you.

In my eyes, some people feel like because you have a disability, you cannot take care of and provide for a child. Well, that’s a bunch of lies. I am living proof. Now you will need help, but that would not make me get an abortion and not have a child that did not ask to be here in the first place. So, the best thing is to get a doctor that will have the best interest of you and your future-born child. My daughter came into the world with no issues, and everyone known I had big health issues.

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