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My Move and Lupus Flares

The move to Atlanta was a big deal for me. I was without my medication for about 2 months which caused me to go to the ER and get a refill on my medicine. Around this time it’s hard to get a doctor because it’s holiday time and so I cannot see any of my doctors until after January. After losing everything due to the hurricane and having to rebuild I was out of my medication especially my injections. I almost went 2 months without my medication which caused my body to enter a state of shock. The worst thing about going to an ER is that they don’t know your medical history so you’re starting off from scratch and they have to believe you or not.

Getting lupus under control

I remain humble and strong and work towards getting my medication. I ended up getting a month refill will still have to go back due to the lack of doctors. When I decided to take my prednisone I had a bad reaction due to not taking it for so long so they ended up putting me back into the hospital. I wondered if my body was rejecting the prednisone which will be a good side effect for me since I have an onset of osteoporosis due to the prednisone. The only thing that I don’t have a bad reaction with is my Benlysta injections. My body actually welcomes the injections in. I have been on a better path due to those injections but I am not able to take my other medication with it. I don’t know if that will become an issue or not when I see my new doctors. So for now I just take a lot of rest and focus on my family day by day and also better ways to fine to take my medicine.

Food and lupus

Because of my moving my eating habits have changed, and it’s not for the good. I find myself eating things like pork and beef and those things are not good for my body so I’m working on fixing myself so I can have better health. I usually eat things like protein shakes, vegetables, fruits, and salads. But things have changed as I moved because I incorporated my family eating into my diet. They don’t have the best diet I know but I was eating when I was content with it. But not until I started to notice a change within my body. That change brought body aches and more. My skin started to flare up and that was different because of the fact that the ER doctor kept saying it was psoriasis and I had to tell her it was lupus. She was taken aback at the fact that it was lupus and that shows me that everyone is not educated on my condition.

Share your experience with moving

What was your perception of moving and trying to get your medication under control? Was it completely hard for you as much as it was hard for me? I know now that I definitely need to plan ahead of time but this was unexpected. Luckily, because of disasters, they would refill your medicine anywhere.

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