Mother or Medicine

Lupus can put me in a emotional state where it's hard for me to choose my daughter over my medication. This has been a hard pill to swallow. Having Nena has been a complete blessing in my life. But it came to a choice of whether I mother the way I want to, or take my lupus medication.

Remember, everyone is on their own unique treatment journey and pregnancy journey. Make sure to talk to your doctor before making any decisions about adjusting your treatment plan, as changes can have an impact on your health.

Lupus medication and breastmilk

What do I mean by mother or medicine? My doctor wanted me to switch from Benlysta injections to Saphnelo. I had not taken anything since Nena's delivery, because I decided I would prefer to not take medication of any kind while breastfeeding. This was a personal decision, as people who breastfeed can stay on their medication with no harm to themselves or their child, depending on the medication and best recommendations.

But then my skin brought me into a serious flare and I needed the medication.

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Can life be stressful? Yes! Everyone goes through stressful times. But it feels as if the stressful times are always at my back door. I had to learn to be more grateful for what I have, instead of what I do not have. I also learned that if I want to live, what is good for me can also be good for my children. Medicine is what keeps me healthy.

I decided to end breastfeeding Nena. I asked her doctor if it was safe, and the doctor said yes because Nena had reached a certain age. She had enough nutrients to have reaped the benefits, and could be switched to formula. It's always important to discuss any medication changes with your doctor.

Starting infusions

What I like is that her doctor told me that I have to take care of myself for my children to be taken care of. I just did not want the medication going into my breastmilk, although I understand other mothers may feel differently. Doctors will be able to tell you if a medication is safe to continue while pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

Once I decided with my doctor to end breastfeeding, I decided to return to the plan of starting Saphnelo. I'll have to go in person for the infusions instead of injecting it into my leg every week like Benlysta. These infusions will last for 6 hours every two weeks or so. With being a working mom and already experiencing alopecia, I hope this helps me.

What I want to live for

Let's have a transparent moment. A funeral passed by me one day while I was driving and I started crying. I saw my life flash before my eyes and said that I did not want to die. When my life flashed before my eyes I saw my funeral and what everyone was wearing. I saw my parents crying and my children being held my their father in the midst of a second. I broke down and felt broken.

How many times did this thought cross my mind? At least a dozen throughout my time of having lupus. I always thought about it every time I got sick. But now I have children that I want to live for. So many things that I do not want to miss throughout their lives. So many memories I want to be in. So this time I had to place my health first, so I could be there for those memories.

Just remember what is the purpose and who are you doing it for, because that made my motivation and drive even stronger to stay healthy.

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