How My Lupus Reacted to a Laceration

The laceration on my leg was ridiculous. So lately I have been getting sick and I do not know if it is because my immune system has dropped and my body has become sensitive, but this day we were helping my mother-in-law with moving her stuff from storage into her house. I love driving trucks and U-Haul. So, I decided to drive the U-Haul the whole day. When we were getting ready to leave, I decided to jump into the U-Haul and the tip of the door split into my leg. I did not feel anything, I just noticed blood gushing liquid gushing down my leg.

I had to call an ambulance

So, I thought quickly and called the police to get an ambulance to my house to bring me to the hospital because I could not drive. When I finally looked at it, the adipose tissue was out, and the doctor had to do an x-ray because the laceration was so deep that it almost hit my bone. If it would have hit my bone that would have caused an even more major surgery. I literally sat there for three hours without pain meds or anything until my leg was stitched up in the emergency room. I could not feel the pain at all.

My lupus flare

While sitting in the fast track, I ended up catching a flare-up because the day before I was already in the emergency room for a lupus flare that I have had, and I ended up having an infection within my body and having to take antibiotics and pain meds. I know, two days in a row of being in the emergency room is crazy. When I catch a flare-up the only thing I know to do is to sleep. That is hard with having a child to do so I needed to let my daughter go by her grandmother for a little bit of help. I could not bathe because of my leg being open so I showered. Now, it's healing and my body keeps attacking my leg so it will get red and swell up and I honestly do not know what to do about it. I keep neurosporene cream and wrap it up but otherwise, I really do not know what to do with it besides keep it wrapped and clean. It has not gotten an infection.

Accepting my lupus

One thing I hate is that lupus attacks everything, even the healing process of a wound that you may have. You are having issues with your body, well leave it up to lupus to attack it and make you stay in bed for a few days. Now it's just peeling and bleeding, then it stops and starts back up again. Being a mom, you must worry about someone else before you worry about yourself, so I just get to things now when I can. I still must remind myself to take my medicine, and that is ridiculous. Even with being a parent, you should be able to try and take care of yourself, but life always wins. I ended up having to get stitches and keep them in for a week then removed them. Will I try and drive a U-Haul again? Yes.

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