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Interviewing My Siblings

I decided to interview my loving sisters to see what they thought of me and my mom dealing with lupus. This would be a major response since my sisters are dealing with a mom and a sister with lupus. I love the support that comes from each person in my family. It means so much to have a family to be there and support you. Here are questions I decided to ask my sisters and here are their responses.

How is it having a sister and a mother with lupus?

Lala – "Having a sibling and a mother with lupus is a learning experience. Watching someone you love be in so much pain and it's nothing you can do about it makes you want to take their place. It is really not that hard. You have to be patient. As a child with a mother with lupus, you don't really know what is going on. My mother worked a lot but mostly she was in pain and in bed a lot. The older I got the better I seen my mom handle it way better. When I found out my little sister had lupus, it tore me apart. I wished it was me instead. I wanted to take the pain away and deal with it for her. But I know that my sister is a strong angel and she makes me so proud every day. She owns it and stands up to lupus."

Maria – "Every day you're living on the edge. You never know if it's going to be a good great day or a bad day. The good days are good but the bad days are horrible."

What do you dislike about the disease?

Lala – "I dislike the fact that the pain comes and goes. It's unexpected. They can be having a great day, laughing, talking, and even moving around then out of nowhere they can't move. Their body would go out on them."

Maria – "I don't like the lifelong scars my sister and my mom had to deal with. I just wish they didn't have it."

How do you feel about the condition and how is it affecting your life?

Lala – "I don't like the disease. I feel like it takes control over your body and there is nothing you can do about it. You just have to deal with it. It affects my life because my family has to deal with it. I have to remind myself how awesome they are. I see right past lupus. I've seen my family deal with it as well as overcome it."

Maria – "There are some things we can't experience because of their sickness and I wish they could."

4. Did you get tested and how was your experience?

Lala – "I never got tested for lupus."

Maria – "I got tested twice and I don't have it. It was fine."

Do I ever surprise you with how I cope?

Lala – "You surprise me every day. I literally watched you grow up. You make me proud every day."

Maria – "No, strength is in the family you keep. You have a great family to hold you when times are hard."

This just made me smile and I love my sisters and wouldn't trade them for a thing in the world. I thank them every day for believing and trusting in me.

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