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When I moved back home, I didn’t think things in the system would become even harder to deal with. I just had to make a shift in my life because my provider decided to change. My doctors decided that they no longer accepted my type of Medicaid and come to find out that most doctors do not accept Medicaid at all anymore. So, how do I start back off at square one with finding a doctor? I had an appointment and received a call 2 days before that they no longer accept my insurance and my appointment would have been completely out of pocket. I know – sucks, right?

My health insurance failed me time and time again

So, I decided to make another appointment with a doctor at a completely different facility that my doctor said accepted my insurance. Now what sucked about this is that I literally made this appointment a month ahead of time. I went to the apartment and sat there for at least 4 hours. Then they told me that they did not accept my insurance and do not issue out the medication I need. So, the only choice I had left is to make changes or hit rock bottom with my health.

I went to the ER for my lupus medication

The next appointment I would be able to get to see a doctor is all the way in August. By this point, I am out of medication and my lupus is starting to flare up. I did what any sane person would do, I went to the emergency room and met the wonderful doctor that helped me through my first and second kidney failure. He was a breath of fresh air. I walked in and he had not heard from me in 4+ years, so he thought something happened to me. He was relieved that I was fine. He asked me what I need medication-wise and refilled my meds. Finally, a doctor who understands.

The quality of care with certain insurance

The frustration is that I cannot wait until the enrollment process opens back up again. I think that it would be better for me to switch my insurance because one thing I realized is when you change hospitals, the quality of doctors changes also. I do not want to keep putting myself in the hands of someone who does not care to understand and learn my condition. I do not want to put my health in someone's hands who does not have compassion. Where would that leave me? Neglected.

The first step I will be taking is finding a doctor I can trust and deal with. You do not really get that many options where I am located because either the doctors are moving, retired, or passed. How can a person with lupus keep their health on a narrow path if there is no consistency with their health? Then, we tend to try and start to make our own healing process because we feel as if we cannot depend on our doctor, then who could be able to depend on? In my eyes, no one.

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