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Working On My Energy

Working on my energy is the most powerful thing that I can ever do. Learning myself all over again. I learned that when you are in a bad mood it can reflect everyone around you in a negative way. Especially with having lupus and having a negative energy around you can make you sick and not be able to deal and put up with certain energies.

Getting rid of negative energy

Just recently I have had negative energy around me and before I became too stressed about the situation, I cut that person off. No one is worth you are getting out of character over. Stress might not cause a flare-up, but it sure does trigger it. Self-meditation helps with flare-ups really well. When you become focused on yourself and get into your own aura and it is positive, then your energy is always positive around you.

What my daughter teaches me

After I went through recent events, I realized that everyone in the world will not respect you or understand you, but it is up to you to remain focused and know the person that you are. Now that I have a daughter who walks around now, she is becoming more independent than I could imagine. Just yesterday she pulled her diaper off and was walking around and then walked straight to the bathroom to tell me that she is ready for a bath. Secondly, I know that she is ready to be potty trained. They say when a child pulls off their diaper, they are ready to get potty trained.

She is also saying certain words and shaking her head to say no when she does not want something. She is very vocal but not quite good with speaking her words, but she is very well at expressing herself and how she feels. She crawls fast as ever, and she would make it to her destination quicker than some people walking. She does not want people to hold her too much, but she does love to be clingy. She definitely taught me to work on my energy and patience to be able to remain focused and positive during her temper tantrums. See she yanks and pulls away from you and will tell you no. She will tell you when to leave her alone sometimes. She has the sarcasm of a future comedian. When I graduate, I will reach another chapter that I am closing and entering an even bigger chapter that will make me a better person than ever.

My new practice for good energy

I started to sit outside and let the warm sun hit my skin and I reflect and pray every morning. Sometimes I like to wake up early enough to get in my car and drive around and watch the sun comes up and sometimes I like to watch the sun come down. Doing that made me feel completely at peace as the jazz music plays in the background. The breeze and fresh air fill my car while the windows are rolled down. I finally get to exhale. I learned to protect my energy at all costs and I am sticking to that.

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