Lupus Coloring Pages to Help Alleviate Stress

Think back to your childhood. Maybe you were home sick from school, or the weather kept you indoors. What was a surefire activity to keep you busy and entertained? It might have been a box of crayons and a coloring book.

At, we wanted to offer a calming distraction from the stressors of lupus flares and the various ways lupus affects people's lives. Research has shown that reducing stress is important for managing life with lupus.1 Adult coloring books are scattered throughout the stationary aisles at bookstores and craft shops. What was once a playful activity for children is now a widely accepted hobby for adults from all walks of life.

How can coloring help me cope with lupus?

One study conducted in 2020 investigated the effects of mandala coloring, plaid pattern coloring, and free-form drawing activities on anxiety and mood in older Taiwanese adults. The researchers recruited 120 adults (ages 55 to 75). They were each assigned to a specific coloring group for 20 minutes.2

They discovered that the mandala coloring group experienced a significantly lower anxiety level than when they began the study. The people reported feeling “calmed down, safe, at ease, rested, satisfied” and having a general sense of feeling good.2

If feeling calm, safe, and satisfied helps ease stress, coloring can be one extra tool in your toolkit – or a crayon in your crayon box.

Download our coloring pages

Our coloring pages offer 3 different designs with positive affirmations and quotes to inspire you. We hope you will let us know if you’ve printed them and used them on a rainy (or sunny) day. Share your finished product by snapping a photo and tagging us on Instagram stories, or upload your photo in the comments below. We can’t wait to hear if coloring allows you to get creative, kick back, and relax.​​A preview image of the coloring page pdf downloadDownload a printable copy

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