My Chloroquine Experience

Chloroquine (Aralen) is a drug that treats malaria. Yes, you heard it right. Malaria! This drug can also be used to treat the autoimmune disease we all know named lupus. When I moved to Texas, my doctor changed me from Plaquenil to Chloroquine.

Plaquenil vs. Chloroquine for lupus

When I took the Plaquenil I would lose my vision so quick. It would be random when I am driving and when I would go to the store. I talked to my dermatologist about this and they switched my medicine to Chloroquine. When I switched to chloroquine, I had a better outcome even though some doctors may say that this drug is more toxic than Plaquenil. It worked for me.

Pregnancy with chloroquine

Now at the beginning of my taking this drug, I did have a very bad itching problem, but over time that feeling stopped. I have taken this drug for about 5 years and have not had any vision problems with it. Then I when I got pregnant, I took this medicine. It did not cause me to have any health problems either. My health was perfect, and I was able to have a normal pregnancy while taking it. Now the dosage of course is always high – I took 250 mg. Please know this article is just based on my experience; I am no expert or nor a doctor. To try this drug you have to go through your doctor to get it. Your pharmacy might not have it in stock.

My lupus doctor's opinion

Chloroquine has actually saved me a serious moment I was not feeling well. I do not know why and how this drug helps lupus, but the drug really helped me. Of course, my doctor told me the lifestyle changes that I would need to make also. Now I am being switched back to Plaquenil because the doctor feels that’s what is best for me. So, I am currently switching doctors because I feel that the drug is not what is best for me. Remember, your doctor is in charge of what medications you can and can not take while taking this drug.

My opinion matters

I believe I just want a doctor that thinks about their patient's opinion first and how the patient feels instead of disregarding them. I started to realize this doctor was not for me when I was not feeling well and I needed to stop one of the meds she started me on and she did not want to. Being so strong in our own beliefs is what people should stick to and I am sticking to it. The benefit of knowing your own worth and security is what matters the most. Do not let anyone tell you differently. Remember, your body will always give you signs of what should and should not be in your body. It is just up to you to pick those certain things out.

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