Brittle Bones

Brittle bones is what they call me sometimes. Weather changes have us all in bed and feeling a little brittle. I have been going through it lately. We feel weather changes in our bones.

Why? Because of lupus, some of us are diagnosed with osteoporosis or arthritis due to the excessive use of steroids.

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Steroids and tissue

Steroids called prednisone can really do one to your body. Just from experiencing things. I realized the longer I use steroids, the more tissue disappears between joints and bones. So it feels like I'm bone on bone sometimes, and when the cold hits it becomes very painful. Just imagine a 29 year old woman feeling as if she is 64 in the knees and joints.

Walking up the stairs has become unbearable for me sometimes. I'll tell this to my doctor, and all I get back is that I am obese or overweight. With steroid usage, do they know how hard it is to lose weight due to the medication? It's not easy to lose 30 pounds, and it wont happen overnight.

Working with flare ups

Then there are times when I get the flare ups in more specific areas of my body, and that’s the areas that hurt the most. Being diagnosed with lupus and then living out these last eleven years has taught me that I am supposed to be snuggled up like a bunny through these flare ups.

That's why I am so glad I work from home now, because when I am in pain and don’t feel good I don't need to get my body anywhere else. When I thought about becoming a nurse, I didn’t think about what I would be doing and what I would be going through health-wise. I always knew I wanted to help people, but being around people who are sick is not a good choice for someone with an autoimmune disease.

It was hard to find my place in the workforce, because finding jobs like Target or Walmart in such places was bad for me as well. People often come to work sick, and don’t know that it can harm someone else who has lupus or another autoimmune disease.

Deciding to make changes

But from now on, I am changing some things when I feel like my bones are brittle. I have my Epsom salt, my oatmeal, black castor oil, and heating pad. I have my knee high socks to keep for warmth and I am going to lay off the foods I should not be eating during social gatherings. I realized changing my eating habits can be hard if I am not dedicated. But this time around I will be for my children and myself.

The times that I get sick, my children do not ever understand why their mama is not at home with them. I'm that person that never wants to go to the hospital. So I realized, if I try to dedicate myself to these changes, then maybe I won't have to go there as much.

I hope everyone takes time to do the things they enjoy, but remember to be safe and protect yourselves.

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