Someone's ankles chained to a foggy brain.

Tips For Lupus Fog

Have you forgotten your glasses that are on your face? Maybe you've been talking on the phone and looking for it at the same time? Perhaps it's been a little more serious like driving down a one-way street or forgetting where you are going. Lupus fog or brain fog can be one of the most difficult symptoms to deal with.

Many lupus warriors will have to face the infamous fog. Sometimes it will last just for a couple of hours. Other times you may struggle with lupus fog for days at a time. You might even do everything right and still experience foggy moments. It's not your fault lupus fog comes on and you may not be able to get rid of the fogs completely. But you can do things to help yourself through it. It does take some practice, patience, and grace with yourself. Here are some tips that can assist you in dealing with lupus fogs.

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