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What It’s Like to Have a Humble Doctor

Humility is not a characteristic that I thought to look for in a doctor. It's not something I've found often, either. I never really thought about it or expected it. At my recent visit with my neurologist, I was blown away by the way his humility led to a wealth of other characteristics that helped me and made me feel respected as a person with chronic illnesses.

My lupus doctor improved our relationship

I found that a humble doctor made me feel like a person instead of just a patient. I felt like I had room to speak freely and I was invited to share information about my medical problems without feeling like I was taking up too much time or worrying about irrelevant issues.

Watch my video to learn about how this humble doctor improved our doctor-patient relationship. Not only has he helped me with my migraines, he's also helped me feel comfortable and safe within his care. I wish every doctor I had was able to add a little more humility into our appointments – I know it would go a long way.

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