Types of Exercise for People Living With Lupus, Part 2

As you progress and continue your exercise journey, you will find moving will become easier.

In the first video, we looked at several exercises that focused on the major muscle groups. In this next video we continue to work on the same.

Exercise with lupus

I have found that exercise should not be boring or extremely taxing on your lupus body. I have benefited from these exercises in many ways. I attribute them to allowing me to live with less pain and live a fulfilling life. In this first of a 4-part series of videos, we look at bodyweight exercises with and without resistance bands to increase motions and gain strength.

In this series, my husband, Michael LoBue assists us in learning many of these exercises. He has specialized in movement improvement, pain, and recovery for over 10 years, and 20+ years of working with improving people from Olympic athletes to people with MS, lupus, arthritis, and many more ailments.

I hope you benefit from this as much as I have.

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