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5 Ways to Become a Better Health Advocate

It's scary to advocate for yourself. Navigating the healthcare system can be scary and difficult, especially dealing with a chronic illness like lupus. Everyone has different experiences and faces many different barriers. Ultimately, I had to learn different ways to advocate for myself effectively. In the long run, I knew it would help me more than it would hurt me. To gain a sense of control over my own healthcare, it was imperative that I came up with ways to do that in the most positive fashion.

5 ways to be a better health advocate for yourself

There are 5 things that help me gain confidence in advocating for myself. Knowing my rights, being prepared, asking questions, bringing someone with me and building relationships were most helpful. It has taken some time to create my own way of self-advocacy. Although I could always do better, it continues to be a learning experience in itself. What do you do to make it easier to be your own best advocate?


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