This Lupie Life

I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2014. To say it was a game-changer is putting it mildly.

The stages of diagnosis grief

I'm glad I found out later in life, or I would really be pissed off. I went through all the stages: shock, denial, grief, bargaining, and finally acceptance. My life changed drastically, and whether I chose to be positive or negative became a way of life.

Lupus is a full time job

I had enjoyed 18+ years employed as a nurse, but that was not to be anymore. Brain fog and overwhelming exhaustion took over my daily life. I tried private nursing, which also proved too exhausting. You finally realize your life is now your full-time job. Managing meds, Dr appts, prescriptions, and flares, in addition to self-care takes all your energy. I found my purpose when I started my group Nutrishalife. I became an advocate and supporter, of chronically Iconic Warrior's. Having a safe place to vent, and learn about ways of supporting each other, brings a lot of satisfaction.

My self-care is being heard

My self-care depends on pacing myself and allowing myself to be heard. If I do nothing else, it's to bring awareness to this mystery illness.Lupus Awareness

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