The Sun, Lupus and Me

I loved being outside soaking up the sun. Feeling the warmth go through my body.

The sun is now my enemy

I was very young when I was diagnosed with Lupus. I was 8. It has affected my life more than I expected. Like being able to go outside and work in the garden like I used to love to do. Who knew that the sun could make you so sick. The doctors told me the sun would become my enemy. I can't enjoy the sun because it makes me very sick and I end up in the hospital. The heat is another enemy.

Missing out...

I know people that have Lupus that can be in the sun and heat. The funny thing is that I live in Texas where it's super hot in the summer. It's hard not being able to go to pool parties because I can't be in the sun. My doctor and my mom tells me to wear long sleeves in the Texas heat!! No thanks, I'll stay home. I miss out on a lot of family and friends because of Lupus. But I would much rather be at home and not in the hospital just because of the Sun.

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