15 Years & Still Going Strong

After being diagnosed in 2008, I spiraled out of control and so did my marriage.

So much hit me all at one time

My body was fighting against me, and my husband didn't understand me. Spending month after month in and out of the hospital in a flare. The doctors struggled to get things under control. Especially in my lungs because the damage was really bad. At that time I couldn't even speak to tell me what was wrong. My lungs had all but collapsed. I was swollen, and my Raynaud's and fibromyalgia were past level 10. Depression had set in quickly. I didn't understand, and everything I read about Lupus and Scleroderma was no cure ending in death.......

There is light at the end of the tunnel

I ended up getting through it. I even wrote a book about my experience. I was surprised about how sometimes good things can come out of having this unpredictable life-changing illness.

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