Poem: "Lupus Is Not a Disease That You See"

Lupus is not a disease that you see.
It reminds you it’s there like an ‘invisible enemy'.

It ravages your body in ways you can never explain.
A winding river on fire, attacking with pain.

It burns my whole chest and strangles my bones.
It sucks all of my energy while attacking its foes.

Every time I breathe it tells me, “You’re not alone.”
I try hard not to listen, but it screams and I moan.

You can’t see the tight socks on my legs and my feet.
They’re invisible needles that shock and repeat.
They cannot rest by day or by night.
They’re there to remind you of your invisible fight.

The pain comes when I sit, stand, or lay.
I repeat these words daily, “Not today Satan, not today."

People always ask me, “How are you, my friend?”
I lie every time, “I’m ok, not too bad." Trying not to offend.

I know I should say, “I’m hurting, I’m in pain.”
What good will it do? They can’t see, why complain?

The medicine I take makes promises to heal.
I believe every time, then regret how I feel.

It’s an uphill battle with no end in sight.
There is no real win, only this tireless fight.

I’m here today because my ‘Father’ watches over me.
Lupus you will never steal my joy, my invisible enemy.

A poem by Kimberly Anderson.

Kimberly Anderson

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