My Lupus Struggle

I've had Lupus since 1989. I lost a baby because of it. That's when I found out I had Lupus.

My flare scare

I've had quite a few flares. In 2020, I had a big flare. I had gone to the bathroom and I noticed a lot of blood in the toilet. I immediately called my mom in the bathroom. She called 911. I went to the local hospital. They had to send me to another hospital because there wasn't a rheumatologist on staff. When I got to the other hospital they put me in an induced coma. I had a lot of transfusions with platelets because my platelet count went down so very low. I developed a blood clot in my arm. I had to get chemo to dissolve the clot. They finally came to the conclusion that I had an infection that traveled to my bloodstream.

Coping through faith

Thank God for the doctors and nurses in that hospital they sent me to. I also know that God is so good. With Lupus and the way it attacks the body, I know it was God that brought me through. Thank you, God for being there for me!

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