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My Journey with Lupus

I have just been diagnosed three weeks ago that I have lupus.

Seeking a diagnosis

Three years ago I had deep vein thrombosis and was put on treatment that I completed after six months. I was so happy when I was declared clots-free. Two months after I had completed DVT treatment, I started having some respiratory problems and was later diagnosed with asthma.

Struggling to breathe

I started a new journey with another diagnosis now as asthmatic. Since my mom has asthma I thought maybe it runs in the family. The only thing that worried me was that instead of getting better I got worse every day despite the treatment. From January 2022 to May 2023 I struggled with breathing daily. I was always tired and could tell that this is more than just asthma. Last month I woke up one morning and decided I need to see a different doctor as I could hardly sleep at night. We run a lot of tests and took X-rays. What was initially thought as asthma was found to be pneumonia, along with cardiomyopathy and lowered renal function and my ANA came out positive.

Feeling uncertain of the future

I am still in shock but at the same time happy that at least I know what I am dealing with though not sure what to expect in the long run. As I read the stories of other ppl in this platform I get encouraged daily and learn a lot about the condition.

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