I Am a Miracle

I would describe myself as a miracle; a determined person who has overcome and survived many physical, emotional, and financial setbacks in life.

If I was an animal, I would be a cat because I have survived and lived so many times when doctors thought that I would not survive the night.

College with lupus

I earned my bachelor's degree while working 3 jobs working close to 70 hours a week. Using several study tools such flash cards, class recordings, and study workbooks, I studied everywhere and anytime possible. Albeit my schedule, I graduated Cum Laude.

These accomplishments were achieved not knowing that my body was constantly fighting against me. Determined to make good grades at the university and graduate was my sole focus; and paying my way in life each month.

Lupus complications

In fact, I graduated and started working in the corporate world despite the inner turmoil of my body. Headaches, unexplained joint pain, nausea, ongoing sinus infections, extreme fatigue, and muscle weakness. I just kept pushing myself like a MACK truck in traffic. Until it became too difficult.

Little by little, my body would place me in the hospital. Doctors initially treated the symptoms not knowing what was wrong. Then after a series of tests, it was determined that I had lupus, congested heart failure, and common variable immunodeficiency (CVID). My diagnosis explained a lot. I had been afflicted since childhood.

  • I have survived a 95 percent blockage in my aorta artery having experienced a heart attack the day prior to scheduled stent surgery.
  • I have survived a staph infection that began from an infected eyebrow hair follicle. The infection quickly spread throughout my face; I was hospitalized for a week to contain the infection.
  • I have survived several cases of pneumonia so severe that I was hospitalized for over a week each time. My body did not produce B cells needed for recovery.
  • I have survived COVID twice. Both times, I required oxygen and IV treatment.
  • And, I have survived kidney failure twice during 2022.

I am a miracle

Lupus has affected my respiratory system, heart, kidneys, skin, and thyroid. It still amazes me that I have survived so much. While I am very grateful, physically life has been challenging which can stress you emotionally. I am grateful that I have managed to payoff medical bills, sometimes those bills seemed overwhelming. I still push myself forward; however, I understand how to practice self-care and set boundaries while achieving my goals.

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