Managing with Lupus

After living with Lupus symptoms for years and being diagnosed 2 years ago.

Lessons I have learned with lupus

I have learned to get at least 10 hours of sleep per night. I take my hydroxychloroquine daily. I refrain from being in the sun directly at its peak hours and always use 70-level sunscreen and wear a hat and apply the sunscreen 30 min before I go out. I do my gardening and lawn work in the early evening. I try to minimize stress. I contribute to the Lupus site and online support groups and appreciate others' experiences.

Coping with change

Lupus has changed my life. I have had to limit my social activities and rest when I need to. I have lost some friends who do not understand when I have to cancel plans. I pray daily and read inspirational books and books about lupus and other immune disorders. I cherish the good days and try to deal with the bad, hard days as best as I can and give myself permission to rest and know that this shall pass -the flare will recede. My inability to keep up with my housework is VERY evident but those that love me understand.


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