Lupus: The Great Equalizer

I was diagnosed with Lypus, RA, and Fibromaylia.

Lupus changed my life drastically

I'm a marine veteran who served proudly. I could run far and do anything. Now, my life has changed drastically. I'm lucky if I can walk everyday. I feel like I lost my power and pride. Which itself is hard...

But lupus changed my activity level. I constantly have to rest. I'm praying every day to go into remission. And get my Marine Corps power back. I get immunotherapy with I fusions every 4 weeks, so help me God give me my strength and power back.

My family relies on me

I have an entire family who doesn't understand lupus, so it's my job to run the house and everything that entails. I don't know how long I can go on with this life. Peace and well wishes for all the Lupus Warriors!

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