My Lupus Journey

I was diagnosed with lupus in 1997 I am now 65 yrs old. Through the years I could cope very well with my condition. I held a job very well over the years the pain was not as severe as it is now.

Changes in lupus severity

Now, I can barely cope but I don't let it defeat me I have other autoimmune diseases now also. When I hit 60 yrs old that's when the pain and stiffness hit me hard but I push myself every day no matter how bad I'm feeling or hurting.

Constant pain now

My fingers hurt me just typing this story. My shoulders and arms feel as though needles are being punched up and down them. I hate the pain meds because I don't like the feeling, so I won't take them. So between Lupus and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease I'm in constant pain.

That's my story. I don't let it defeat me I am warrior...

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