Lupus After Retirement

I developed Rheumatoid arthritis in my early 40's. I was working as a nurse and many days it was difficult to even get out of bet to get to work. I worked for about 20 yrs. with RA and taking various Dmards and autoimmune self injectables an IV meds during the years. Finally I had to retire early as RA was getting worse and I found myself having to call in more and more frequently and become extremely tired.


Two years after I retired, I went to Dermatology one day for a derm
issue and it was there that it was suspected that I had Lupus. A c/s was taken and it came back positive for Derm Lupus. My Rheumatologist was sent a copy to follow up. Eventually it turned into systemic Lupus. So now I have more Lupus flare-ups than RA flares and the Lupus flares are much tougher than RA flares and more painful. Hopefully there will be a cure for these autoimmune diseases one day.

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