Lupus Sucks

First, they thought I had environmental poisoning. I was finally diagnosed after another 5 years of going to different doctors, just for all of them to say "I don’t know but here try this…" Finally my doctor Mark Hassle (sent from above!) said he couldn't do more on his own and recommended I go to John Hopkins hospital in Maryland. So I took his advice and went. This was back in 1992. They wanted to study me because they never saw an outbreak like mine (of course)! So it turns out that it’s systemic discoid lupus… It affected my face, eyes and joints! Mainly my eyes felt like someone taking ice pick to them. I couldn’t keep them open too long… anyway the doctor aggressively tried to get it under control… in the meantime, I got severely depressed and turned to alcohol and drugs….

Now however I’m clean and sober for 12 years… my depression is under control so is my lupus. Some flares here n there but I am determined not to let this get me down!! I have lupus, Lupus doesn’t have me!!!Me

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