Lupus Changed My Life... For Good!

Surprisingly, being diagnosed with lupus (and fibromyalgia) in my early 30s changed my life and opened the world.

Embracing change

It created a pathway to find more joy in my life and focus on that. Because of my diagnosis, I changed my career so I could be home-based, made sure that I had events/travel as something to work toward with my health and support my mental health, and ended up with a life I never imagined.

No regrets

Since diagnosis, I have traveled to more than 100 countries, and all 7 continents multiple times. There are always days when I travel when I'm unable to do what was planned. Instead of dwelling on what I couldn't do, I focus on what I did. No regrets, only special memories.

Finding relief

I have also taken advantage of complementary care, particularly acupuncture, which has made an enormous difference, both physically and emotionally. I learned to better listen to my body and make conscious choices on activity and nutrition (and if the consequences are worth doing too much or eating/drinking something "bad" for me).

Lupus gave me a new life focus and outlook: Some Days I *Can*!

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