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Beneath My Scars

After unexplained lesions came across my cheek that would not heal, I was diagnosed with both SLE and Discoid Lupus in 2004.

Seeking solutions

I started on the recommended cycle of drugs. Side effects leading to more prescriptions. My face became raw. The wounds looked like burns that had not healed. It was inflamed. Boils, lesions all on my face. The thought was it would be worse if not on the drugs.

Support matters

I am blessed to have had a job that supported me. I work with youth and they would say "I don't see it, I see u." I would get tired of looking at it after attempting to cleanse it. Other people can deal with it... not me. I said to myself. So I went outside. To work, the store, wherever. Had an umbrella in the sun. Hair covered because it fell out. After being taking off a med twice due to side effects... Freezing cold with a sweatsuit in 85 degree weather.

My homeopathic journey

In 2011, I did not go back on. I weened myself from all of the drugs. I suffered withdrawn which almost lead to another diagnosis, fibromyalgia or neuropathy. Pain killers weren't working. My homeopathic journey began. Natural remedies, teas and a good diet was the base of it. Natural anti-inflammatories are vital. Unexplained stomach problems at 22, elbow problems at 28. Strong skin reactions 30. Baby at 31. My 3 month old Baby has rashes, blood count low. Tested her for Lupus, NO. Did Not test me. Now they that is neonatal lupus and does not stay.

Getting answers

Now at the age of 35 I'm diagnosed. It took time to figure it out. I've been drug free 13 years. My face is badly scarred. I still have flares up, they mild and I monitor any new triggers. I am blessed.

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