Long Journey With Lupus and Other Autoimmune Conditions

I was diagnosed with SLE lupus, RA, fibromyalgia, among other autoimmune diseases back in 2004.

Autoimmune disease complications


Through the years, I have dealt with many issues, including having silent, as well as grand mal seizures. I lost 5 years of my life laying in a bed and not knowing what was going on around me. They had me on Lyrica for the seizures but I took myself off it because I didn't like the side effects. I had my doctor change it to Kepra and I have been seizure-free since then.

Lung infections

Last year my immune system got so low that the doctor sent me for IV immunoglobulin treatments. I received 2 treatments and didn't feel right after receiving them so l cancelled the next treatment. A week later I ended up in the hospital for a lung infection and also had 3 strokes. It took me 3 months to recover from the strokes and the neurologist said they were brought on by the IV immunoglobulin treatments.

Lupus complications

Lupus causes a lot of different side effects but you need to stay proactive with your treatment and not be afraid to tell your doctor if you don't feel that something is working for you.

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