And Then Came Lupus

After many years of getting ill even as a child, lupus should not have been a surprise dx.

Getting diagnosed

Fast forward to when I turned 59, still a Clinical Special Education Teacher at that time; I developed Epstein Barr Syndrome, had a silent stroke, and within no time I was dx with Lupus & Sjogrens and Fibromyalgia. Also at one point, Giant Cell Arteritis…

Support matters

All of this cut my career short, but that’s ok, I sure have plenty to care for. I’m so very blessed with a supportive husband, daughter and “ son” in law. My medical team is just as wonderful and knows my “every lupus fingerprint.” But, it is so difficult still to let go of “what was” and accept “what is.” It’s a work in progress and I’m fortunate to have Lupus friends who help me “ warrior” through too

Yup!! And Then Came Lupus …

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