4A's Sisters Lupus Club

Advocates for Lupus are us 4 Sisters here in Louisiana. Once the 3 sisters' biological mother passed at an early age of 30 in late 1965, leaving six kids to be raised by their father was hard on a man. So, he remarried a year later, gaining another daughter. After being married for 42 years to his second wife, she too passes away with this deadly disease called LUPUS.

Getting involved in advocacy

We decided to start a non-profit organization to advocate about LUPUS which was not talked about in our community nor our City. For years it was kept a secret.

Since 2011 we started meeting once a month with women and men who suffer from this illness and also family members for an hour up until covid-19 came, we started doing zoom meetings meeting people from all parts of the world.

None of the sisters suffers from lupus, but it's dear to our hearts, and we share our wisdom and knowledge everywhere we go.

We pray one day soon, scientists will find a cure for Lupus. 4- Andrus Sisters

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