22 Years and Still Counting...

22 years ago I finally got my diagnosis but for over 25 years I had experienced symptoms.

Dismissed by doctors

I had been dismissed by so many doctors. I began to think it was all in my head. Having the support of my family helped me a lot. As a teenager, I had pain and problems with my joints. Once a doctor told my parents I was seeking attention. The rash on my face was dismissed as too much time in the sun. Throwing up, and being nauseous was because of my period. There was a reason for everything. In my 20's there were pleuritis and duct problems. Too many surgeries to count and being slow to heal.

Demanding answers

When I was stressed it all began to get worse. Several doctors said I needed anxiety meds.. It took being in another country and a husband demanding answers before the right test was done......

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