A person standing behind a phone screen, trying to get the attention of a doctor focusing on his phone screen during a telehealth visit.

Virtual Visit

I really do not like virtual visits and I have plenty of reasons why. When a doctor is noticing and evaluating me, I feel like they should see me in person because every detail of myself cannot be seen through the camera, and in-person is so much better.

Virtual visits during COVID

When I was pregnant with my daughter and COVID restrictions kicked in, I cried a lot. I did not want to do any virtual visits – only office because my anxiety of worrying about my daughter would always kick in. Mind you I would call the ER nurse all the time when I have had questions about my daughter because the people around me did not know about babies that genders are female so I would constantly call the hospital if I felt like my daughter had issues.

Feeling misunderstood

Sometimes they would giggle a little because they knew it was me and they would reassure me that everything is okay. Also, a doctor can end a call if they want to and still charge you for the time of that visit. That is a big major issue. If your doctor does not like something you say they can hang up. The second thing that I hate is that they try and rush you off the phone. I know they might have in-person appointments, but my matter and concerns are important also. So, when they try to rush me, I just over tell them and continue to talk because you are going to listen to my concerns you are getting paid for it. Being a first-time mom, any parent should get at least 30 minutes to an hour to see how that parent feels and their concerns with their child.

Concerns with virtual visits

My personal virtual experiences with my doctor I did not like because I ended up talking to a doctor I did not know and at the end of the visit I had asked her what happened to my doctor She told me that he was requested to help with COVID. I never had an official visit with this doctor, maybe once and that was only to discuss birth control after pregnancy. How can someone tell what is wrong with a computer screen? What if you lose connection with the doctor? Will they stay online enough for you to reconnect or will they log off?

Some doctors feel as if their time is very valuable and should be treated as such. There is a lot of wrong things with doing virtual visits. The older crowd do not know how to work computers and telephones well so they cannot do virtual visits. They would need someone to be able to teach them how to do it and then sometimes they still do not remember how to do it unless they write it down. Sometimes it will change the common schedule that someone is used to and they might feel overwhelmed in a change of their normal routine. I have those issues sometimes where it's hard for me to trust others and for me to have a better understanding, I would rather be in person.

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