My Concern About The COVID-19 Vaccine

I am seriously nervous about getting the COVID vaccine, especially with the side effects. Having lupus, we are not allowed to get live virus vaccines. According to The World Health Organization, there are several different types of potential vaccines. There is inactivated or weakened virus vaccines (a form of the virus that has been inactivated or weakened so it doesn’t cause disease), there are protein-based vaccines (harmless fragments of proteins or protein shells that mimic COVID-19 virus, viral vector vaccines (the virus genetically engineered so that it cant cause disease), and RNA and DNA vaccines ( a cutting-edge approach that uses genetically engineered RNA or DNA to generate a protein that itself safely prompts an immune response.1

There are so many symptoms people are experiencing while taking the vaccine on the news that I am sure I may not want to experience, but will I trap myself for the next few years? Nope, that is not a life to live.

Facts from the CDC

According to the CDC, the COVID vaccine will not give you COVID itself. It will take a few weeks for the body to build immunity after vaccination. That means someone can still catch COVID before and after vaccination. Should we take that chance? Some people are sick already and just for our immune systems to drop for a few weeks, that is a question that plays in with people’s health who already have an underlying condition. We already do not have a great immune system that protects us against a lot of viruses already and for one to drop our immune system more is really gut-wrenching.

I have been careful around COVID with lupus

I know because of the COVID virus I have missed out on doing a lot of things I wanted to do during my pregnancy. It is very stressful to have spent 2020 inside but it feels great that I have not caught the virus. I am trying to be determined enough to where I can stay healthy even after the virus has left. When learning about this virus, gives you a different aspect of life. When thinking about this vaccination, will we have a choice to say yes or no? Will it be mandatory to have this vaccination? How old do you have to be to be able to get this vaccination? Is there a less strong dosage for the kids or babies? How will this change for society now go forward?

Being a mom with lupus

I want to know that this virus will not affect my immune system even worse than what it already is. This drug is supposed to build you back up to be able to fight this virus. I am worried about my 8-month-old daughter. I want to be able to be strong for her and now that I am on Benlysta I am worried that this will affect my body in some type of way. I will make sure I will talk to the infectious disease doctor, of course, to get her opinion on whether this would be okay for me and my family to take.

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