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Thinking, Memory, and Behavior With Lupus

Do you ever feel like you forget what you are trying to say to someone while talking to them? Do you forget to grab your keys or even where you put them? Do you feel as if you want to say something, but you cannot quite put your finger on it? Do you sometimes think you said something but realized you haven’t? Lupus can attack your memory, behavior, and thinking.

Lupus can attack every organ we have, so I expected it to attack my brain also. One of my former college professors once said it can attack 4 places: the amygdala, prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, and cerebellum. We do not know why our emotions can be all over the place. We don’t know why we forget the things that are supposed to be more important to us. There are times where I find myself bringing a notepad or using my phone to make sure I remember things.

Brain fog is not your fault

When you have these issues don’t make yourself feel like you can be a burden on someone. We all have experienced these problems before. It could sometimes be our conditions and sometimes, in my case, also my meds. There were times that I would take a shower and realize after I got out that I forgot to wash a part of my body and I would have to repeat all over again.

There are sometimes where I really wanted to tell somebody something and I get agitated if I can't get it out right there because as soon as someone says, "Now, what were you saying?” I completely forget what I was talking about. It leaves me even more frustrated because what I had to say could have been very important. These things are not your fault.

Memory tips

It can have some really bad effects, like forgetting to take meds somedays, thinking you took them but you did not. With lupus, you can have concentration issues, confusion, and also difficulty expressing yourself. I find myself trying to find treatments to help with this, and all I can do is write, repeat, and recall. Meaning, sometimes, I backtrack my day to make sure I did not say something that I needed to write down to remember. Other things you can do are:

  1. Speak to a doctor
  2. Put yourself in a positive environment
  3. Take care of your mind, body, and soul
  4. Challenge your mind and think about speaking to someone like a therapist to help

Meditation can help

Don’t think that you're stupid or slow. I used to think the same thing – like why I can not remember to say this or why can not spell that. Sometimes, I will forget my appointments even with them marked down. And, I also would catch attitudes and mood changes with people around me, so I had to learn I needed to protect my energy to protect my health. When I meditate ( I do at least once a week), I get me some sage and candles, and surround myself in my room and relax. These things really do help and gets me through rough times because the people you surround yourself around are affected too.

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