Therapy Is Not Scary

Therapy. The thought of going to talk to a stranger about your deepest darkest issues and traumas is daunting at best. But it is honestly so good and so therapeutic. Last week I shared my story about dealing with depression for the last several months. One of the things I mentioned that helped me deal with depression was going to therapy. So today, I want to share some things about therapy and why it’s SO GOOD!!

Therapy provides an objective point of view

I know firsthand how easy it is when you have a problem thinking that you don’t need therapy. You think that you can just talk to your best friend, cousin, or family member. But those people likely know you well and all of your issues. So they will likely tell you what you want to hear versus what you need to hear. Your therapist doesn’t know you from adam and can see you and your problems from the outside. Therefore providing an objective opinion.

Therapy is NORMAL

There is such a stigma around therapy. People often think that therapy is only for people with severe mental illness. Or that you are "crazy" if you go to therapy. But that is just simply not the case. Therapists can help you overcome anxieties or depression. It can help you get through past traumas. Or even deal with troubled relationships or family issues. In this day and age, therapy is totally normal. Most would be surprised how many people you know who are in therapy.

Therapists have seen EVERYTHING

It can be scary going into therapy because you are embarrassed by what you have to share. But just like doctors and midwives, they have seen it all. There isn’t anything you can tell them that will make them even bat an eye. They will never judge you for anything you say or anything you’ve been through.

Therapy does not have to be a lifelong commitment

Most people are scared to go to therapy because they don’t want to commit to seeing a therapist 2 times a week from here to eternity. But that is not always necessary. You only may need a handful of sessions, or you may need to see someone for 6 months. But the thought that you will have to be in therapy all of your life has not proven true.

Therapy does not have to be in-person or involve a couch

These days it seems like almost everything can be done virtually from school for our kids or doctor's appointments for a sinus infection. The same can be said for therapy. You can see your therapist virtually from anywhere. This allows you to do it when it fits into your schedule rather than having to move things around to make a therapy appointment fit in your schedule.

Like I said in my last post, depression doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Well, neither does therapy. Therapy has been essential for me to crawl out of my depression. Without my therapist, I do not know where I would be. Therapy really is not something you have to hide. We need to work to normalize therapy!

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