How to Get Your Social Media Back 101

Social media has become a great outlet for me to improve helping others living with lupus. I was able to reach so many individuals that I could relate to. Without social media, I would not have a bigger platform than what I have now. Of course, Instagram has its ups and downs but the best thing is you never really feel alone. You can always relate to someone and someone could always help you. It's a benefit to have a social media account these days, especially during the pandemic because everything is mostly over the computer. You can do a lot of things with the internet. But while using social media outlets and the internet, you also have to learn to protect yourself. You need to make sure you are protecting personal information and your identity. Why do I say this? Because it recently happened to me.

How I got my social media back

So, I recently was phished, and I would like to show you guys how I got my Instagram back. The first step, if you still have access to your account, is to change your password and restrict the unauthorized user. Second, if you do not have access to login into your account anymore they give you the option to contact support. Type in the username and then hit “forgot password” Then hit "need more help." A form will pop up for you to fill out and it will be sent to the help department on Instagram.

You will then receive an email asking you to write the code on a paper with your name and social media handle name and take a picture with it to prove that it's you. They will open a case for you and tell you that it will take them 2 hours to respond. If they do not respond you can message that email back and someone will message you back from that email just to keep you informed. A second way to get your Instagram back is if it is linked to your Facebook. You can log in through your Facebook and be back into your account. Sometimes you can message Facebook business support through your messages.

Third, they have a website where you can report a problem. Get help by submitting a request or a bug.

Social media is not perfect

Now let's talk about the negatives. I have been going back and forth with Instagram for almost 2 months on how to get my page back. They really do not care about time. It can take you a while to get your page back. They would want you to use an email that no one has access to. They locked and secured my account and sent a password reset for me to get my page back. The negative is that you must check your email every hour to see if you have received a message from them because if you miss that message that link might expire and your back at square one.

The issue that I am having is that I get my page back and Instagram still locks me back out of the account saying they are securing it. So, I ended up back at square one with them and what is so frustrating is that I have been sent three reset password links and have been having problems getting my page back. I tried to put my real name back to getting my page back to normal and certain things that are me are not getting approved. It can be very frustrating. So now I am at the point where I must wait for another link to reset the password. Do not bother directly contact Facebook if your account is not linked because they are just going to tell you that they can not help you so just really use the link I provided. I hope this helps anyone that is having real issues and gives you an insight on what you should do.

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